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The calculator has up to 100 digits of significand and 9 digits of exponent. It detects repeating decimals and numbers in it can be also entered as fractions or converted to fractions.

You can write expressions in a natural way and watch your calculations. The result is displayed as a number, simplified expression etc.

The calculator has several layouts suitable for various screen sizes:

  • “pocket” for small devices

  • “compact” for smartphones (in portrait and landscape orientation)

  • “expanded” for tablets

The multiline display can be turned on in tablets to show the complete history of calculations and to provide access the previous results.

The users can choose from several high-quality themes.

The calculator has several functions, such as:

  • basic arithmetic operations including percentage, modulo and negation;

  • fractions (in the expression mode any expression including nested fractions can be entered as a nominator and a denominator);

  • mixed numbers;

  • periodic numbers and their conversion to fractions;

  • unlimited number of braces;

  • operator priority;

  • repeated operations;

  • variables and symbolic computation;

  • derivatives and integrals;

  • graphs of functions and integral area, 3D graphs;

  • calculation details - extended information about a calculation like all complex roots, unit circle etc.;

  • complex numbers;

  • conversion between rectangular and polar coordinates;

  • advanced number operations such as random numbers, combinations, permutations, common greatest divisor, etc.;

  • trigonometric and hyperbolic functions;

  • powers, roots, logarithms, etc.;

  • degrees, minutes and seconds conversion;

  • fixed point, scientific and engineering display format;

  • display exponent as SI units prefix;

  • memory operations with 10 extended memories;

  • clipboard operations with various clipboard formats;

  • result history;

  • binary, octal and hexadecimal numeral systems;

  • logical operations;

  • bitwise shifts and rotations;

  • haptic feedback;

  • more than 90 physical constants;

  • conversion among 200 units;

  • RPN mode.

The calculator has many settings to manage the full screen mode, decimal and thousand separators, etc.

All features are described with a built-in help.

If you have any questions, requests for new functionality or you have found a bug, please, contact us by email:


Version history:


  • User defined functions

  • Import and export of variables, functions, memories

  • Subscript and superscript in identifiers

  • Bulk delete of variables, functions and memories


  • Dark mode on Android 10

  • New detail: partial fractions

  • Integration by partial fractions

  • Improved evaluation of calculation details

  • Factorial performance optimization

  • Stack in RPN mode is not cleared when AC key is pressed on error


  • 3D graphs

  • New setting: move graph with one finger


  • Physical constants updated to 2018 CODATA

  • Unsigned types in non-decimal bases (enable in Settings / N-base)

  • X and Y axes in graph can be changed separately

  • Amoled theme

  • LAST X command in RPN mode

  • New distance and speed units


  • Function graphs (press More... button to see the graph of the function entered on the display)

  • Graph of definite integral area

  • New detail: polynomial factorization

  • New help page with calculation details


  • New conversion units (torque units, angle units, poundal, gigapascal, mTorr, nanojoul, ...)

  • Ads can be turned on to get all features


  • Derivatives

  • Integrals


  • Display font size setting

  • Button click volume setting

  • New modern themes

  • Gamma function (rational and negative factorial)

  • Percentage detail

  • Result format is opened on tap on the result (clipboard window is opened on long-tap)


  • Sound effect on click

  • Editing value in unit conversion

  • Responsive design of unit conversion

  • Favorite units and constants


  • "Hide navigation buttons" setting

  • Constants can be inserted as symbols

  • Complex roots of rational powers added to calculation details

  • Symbolic logarithm and root calculations improved

  • New conversion units and constants

  • "Operand grouping" setting


  • Full symbolic computation (Pro)

  • Variables (Pro)

  • Stored expressions (Pro)

  • Copy and paste of any type of expression


  • Result history items can be deleted individually

  • RPN mode: X register is duplicated when pressing Enter

  • RPN mode: percentage calculation improved

  • New detail: division with remainders

  • Bugfixes and minor improvements


  • Atan2 function - enter as arcus tangens with 2 parameters

  • New detail: parity bit in nondecimal bases

  • New detail: graph of complex roots

  • Mathematical constants

  • Powers with rational exponent improved

  • Bugfixes and minor improvements


  • Calculation details (Pro version) - extended information about a calculation like

    • prime factorization

    • all complex roots

    • unit circle

    • various result formats, etc.

  • Reverse Polish notation

  • Hardware keyboard support

  • Modulo extended to the complex range

  • x<=>E button in classic and RPN mode

  • Spanish translation

  • Bugfixes and performance improvements


  • Entering exponent as SI unit prefix

  • New setting: Indian style of digit grouping

  • New setting: clear display on startup

  • Improved result format (x<=>E) and decimal number format (FSE) setting

  • Improved fraction calculations in classic mode

  • Improved sexagesimal numbers in classic mode

  • Improved memory window

  • Bugfixes and minor improvements


  • GCD and LCM can have multiple parameters

  • Improved complex numbers evaluation

  • More percentage calculations can be combined in an expression

  • Improved Settings dialog

  • New settings for 2ndF key title (shift) and division key title (slash)

  • New setting for leading zeros in non-decimal bases

  • Distinguished Kibibyte and kilobyte etc.

  • Second and third powers have editable exponents

  • Left and right arrows and backspace key are repeated while kept pressed

  • Conversion between any angle units in compact mode

  • Settings, memory and result history reset moved to relevant windows

  • Bugfixes and minor improvements


  • Complex numbers

  • Conversion between rectangular and polar coordinates

  • German translation


  • Tapping on an expression in the result history copies it into the display

  • Result history items are divided according to the date of creation

  • An option to place multiline display on the left side

  • Bugfixes and minor improvements


  • Mixed numbers in expression mode

  • Physical constants updated to 2014 CODATA

  • New unit conversions

  • Errors in expression highlighted after pressing =

  • Numbers in pocket mode extended to 12 decimal places

  • Minus at the beginning of exponent negates exponent

  • Bugfixes and minor improvements


  • Full expression editing

  • Symbolic computation - when possible, results of expressions are simplified and displayed using fractions, square roots, etc.

  • Fractions can contain any functions, nested fractions, etc.

  • Immediate evaluation of expressions


  • Built-in help

  • Grains unit

  • Bugfixes and minor improvements


  • RCL and STO keys open window with a memory list

  • Expression can contain numbers of various bases

  • Minus key at the beginning of expression functions as unary minus

  • Bugfixes and minor improvements



  • Multiline display (tablets)

  • Minus key negates exponent right after pressing EXP key

  • Bugfixes and minor improvements



  • Backspace can delete the whole expression

  • Bugfixes and minor improvements



  • Performance improvements (especially when calculating with lower precision)

  • Thousandth separator setting (different from thousand separator)

  • Themed status bar (from Android 5.0)

  • Minor improvements)



  • Expression mode (Pro version)

    • watch expression while typing

    • prefix notation of unary operations

  • Decimal point key title according to settings


  • Luxfer theme added (Pro version)

  • Performance improvements

  • About window changed

  • Minor UI improveements and bug fixes



  • Users can choose from 4 high quality themes.

  • Clipboard

    • new clipboard formats

    • clipboard window opens when tapping the display

  • Calculation precision and performance improvements

  • Euler's number

  • Long-click shift

  • Minor UI improvements

  • Bug fixes



  • conversion between 200 units

  • more than 90 physical constants

  • bugfixes and minor improvements



  • pocket mode - view mode suitable for small screens. It contains basic operations, square root, fractions and repeating decimals

  • minor improvements



  • expanded view for tablets

  • repeated operations

  • haptic feedback

  • bugfixes and minor improvements



  • first version with most functionality


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